Music royalty statements, re-imagined.

InTune is a sales metrics platform specially designed for professional musicians and record labels.


How does InTune work?

InTune ingests from data distributors, channel partners, retailers, and downstream providers, while integrating into your label’s internal financial software, ERP, royalty systems, and more, providing a single-source of real-time visibility into the details that matter most to your business.

InTune Dashboard

For Labels

Eliminate complex data warehouse IT costs, provide your teams with instant access to financial performance data, and offer your artists the transparency they deserve.

  • Feature

    Controlled Access

    Offer access both internally and externally to those who need it most. Granular permissions down to specific Artists, Products, and Tracks.

  • Feature

    Intelligent Context

    Automatic revenue categorization across all your sources, designed specifically around music content. Create actionable reports within seconds.

  • Feature


    Create quick comparisons across every facet of your data. See how one streaming provider is performing vs another, or which artists perform best across multiple territories.

For Your Artists

Give your artists access to their most critical data in near real-time while reducing the cost and complexity of royalty and accounting systems.

  • Feature

    Radical Transparency

    Allow your artists to stay in tune with their performance and royalties anywhere and anytime. Aggregate earnings across all channels in near real-time.

  • Feature

    Always Up-to-Date

    Artists change bios, labels, banks, social media handles, and industry identifiers many times throughout their music career. Ensure you are always using the most current information.

  • Feature

    All Digital Workflows

    Centralize communication with your artists for photo & social media approvals, meta-data and cover art review, licensing opportunities, and upcoming marketing promotions.

Get Started

InTune is currently in closed beta but you can request an invite.